Ron Phillips Photography


Having studied with the Master Photographer Ansel Adams and working with Academy Award winning Motion Picture Cinematographers, I have learned and mastered my craft and the love of photography. As a Professional Photographer for 35 years, I have enjoyed looking at life as though I were viewing it through a lens. When a Photographer can approach his subject and know what focal length lens to use, what the basic exposure will be, then you’ll know that you’re a Photographer.

A Motion Picture Still Photographer should do what he can to sell the film, protect the Studio and the Actor. You must also be silent, stealth and invisible. He should shoot as much as he can, knowing when to shoot, when not to shoot, what to shoot, what not to shoot and leave the set at the end of the day looking forward to coming back to do it all over again.

Photographing the golf course is as challenging as the game of golf itself. One has to know what challenge awaits him in both instances. Each hole has it’s own personality and I have learned to capture that with my visual interpretation through my camera, lens and computer. When I photograph a course, I want to convey to the viewer the beauty and challenge of what awaits him with such a strong visual image, so it will be as exciting to them as it was to me photographing it. Scouting the course, selecting the perfect camera angle, determining the most dramatic light source in order to capture the beauty, environment and personality of the particular hole, and of course playing it, will ensure the client a photograph they can be proud of.